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Engaging Central Coast Churches in Meaningful Conversations

Church steeple

A new center offers resources to local churches to explore how to do God’s work on the Central Coast of California. Through a free, yearlong program, the Westmont Center for Thriving Communities (WCTC) gathers teams from a broad range of churches in the area. Together, they consider where they are, who they are and how God might be prompting them to promote authentic flourishing in the midst of change in their congregations and neighborhoods.

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Nursing Students Learn the ABC's of Compassionate Care

The first cohort of students has checked into Westmont’s 16-month Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. The intimate class of eight students has been learning on state-of-the-art equipment through a curriculum immersed in the Christian liberal arts. They’re scheduled to graduate in May 2023.

The unique program blends classes such as Health Assessment, Pathophysiology and Fundamentals of Nursing with Understanding My Neighbor: Society, Culture, and Health with Blake Kent, professor of sociology, and Nursing and Human Flourishing with Jim Taylor, professor of philosophy.

A Spring Semester Saturated with Art

Michael Shasberger says that, as a musician, “I’m compelled to create to share emotions, present ideas and tell truths we can’t fully express in written or spoken language. To hear it sung, or to hear the impact of the orchestra beneath the text, to see the intensity of the moment in the face of the actor; these are all part of the unique forms of expression that complete our humanity. All three of these are deeply linked to the gracious nature of God in giving us the ability to grow, the capacity to move others and this strange form of communication found in the arts. Therein is the greatest inspiration.”

The Man Behind the Plan

When Randy Jones, director of campus planning, retired March 31, he left a campus vastly different than the one he first surveyed in 1995. During a 27-year career at Westmont, he has overseen the addition of major new facilities on campus, the recovery from the 2008 Tea Fire and the renovation of many buildings and much of the landscaping.