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Explore your academic journey at Westmont through a diverse array of majors, minors, pre-professional, and professional programs. Our curriculum is designed to inspire and empower, encouraging students to delve into the arts, sciences, humanities, or specialized professional tracks.

Here at Westmont, we prioritize intellectual curiosity, fostering critical thinking, and providing a supportive environment for each student's unique path. Uncover your passions and potential while preparing for a fulfilling career within our vibrant academic community.

Majors At Westmont

Biology at Westmont College

Biology (B.A., B.S.)

Cellular and Molecular Biology, Ecology, Evolution & Natural History, General

Chemistry Biochemistry Chemical Engineering Physics Major Program

Chemistry (B.A., B.S.)

Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, 3-2 Program, Chemical Physics, General, Professional

French Class

French (B.A.)

French Studies, Language and Literature

Augustinian Students

History (B.A.)

Graduate School, International Studies, Standard

Kinesiology (B.S.)

Movement and Exercise Science, Movement and Medical Science

Professor talks to students

Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Elementary and Secondary Education

Dr. Daniel Gee Conducting Choirs and Orchestra

Music (B.A., B.M.)

Composition, Liberal Arts, Worship Leadership, Pre-Teaching Credential

Political Science Lecture

Political Science (B.A.)

International Affairs, International Security and Development, Pre-Law, Standard

Psychology (B.A., B.S.)

Behavioral Neuroscience, General

Social Science

Social Science (B.A.)

Economics and Business, History, Political Science, Sociology

Sociology (B.A.)

Cross-Cultural Studies, General, Human Services

Spanish (B.A.)

Hispanic Studies, Language and Literature

Minors At Westmont

Global Studies Minor Program

Global Studies

Professional Programs

Teaching Credential Professional Program

Teacher Credential Program

Elementary and Secondary Education, Art, Biology, Chemistry, English, History, Kinesiology, Mathematics, Music, Physics, Spanish

Pre-Professional Programs