For Formation, Integration and Renewal Incarnatio Center



Incarnatio encourages our community on a path of whole-person development including authentic spiritual and character formation and renewal. This is done by providing experiences and tools which help create space for knowing God and developing vision for another way of life in God’s kingdom.


This center is built around exploring four foundational questions:
1. What is reality?
2. What is the good life and who is well off?
3. Who is a truly good person?
4. How does one become a truly good person?

These questions lead us to engage theoretical, historical and experiential avenues of inquiry. Finding ways to draw the varied aspects of life into a coherent whole—becoming a truly good person—is one of the great tasks of adulthood. And so, Incarnatio seeks to provide a context for addressing these questions. In part the answers seem to come
through attention and exercise. But the answers also seem to come from beyond one’s self, from authentic friends, from teachers new and old including the great saints that have gone before us and even directly from God. And so, by journeying together through intentional habits that help us stretch, question, grow, and encounter Reality, we begin to integrate the aspects of our being into Christlike wholeness.


Incarnatio provides a retreat space, develops programming and cultivates curricular and co-curricular partnerships. The center’s offerings include: small-group development; residence-life-based spiritual formation coordinator program; support for Augustinian
Scholar and chapel programs; and formational opportunities for students, faculty, staff and small group leaders.