Resident Chaplains

Resident Chaplains 2024

The Resident Chaplain role is a relational ministry position responsible for encouraging students to integrate their faith into everyday life through planning and promoting spiritual formation opportunities and cultivating discipleship in residence halls while being challenged to grow in one's own faith.

The Resident Chaplain is to work alongside other student leader positions in the residence halls and to serve students by “cultivating a transformative community of Christ-centered apprenticeship.” These student leaders help create a culture of real, honest conversations about life and how God is present and working.

RC's do this by: 

  • Modeling personal and spiritual maturity
  • Supporting campus spiritual formation activities
  • Providing spiritual formation programming in the halls
  • Connecting through one-on-one conversations

Questions? Contact Mariah:

Applications are due March 1st. Click below for more information about student leadership positions and to apply.

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