Orientation Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Westmont College! We hope this information will answer your questions and help you and your family transition to Westmont.

When is Warrior Welcome?

You can see the full Fall Warrior Welcome Schedule here.

Are there events scheduled for my parents?

You can see the full Parent and Family Orientation Schedule here. Parents can find more information on the Parents & Families page.

Why do I need an academic advisor?

Academic advisors can be helpful to you in many ways. They can help you explore your options regarding a major and career choices as they listen and learn about you and your strengths and weaknesses. They are great resources when it comes to knowing college academic policies, general graduation requirements, and scheduling classes. They are great people to talk with - and they will give you clearance to register for classes!

Who are the academic advisors?

All full-team faculty members and some student life professionals act as academic advisors.

When do I register?

Check out Step #1: Register on the Westmont Roadmap.

For more details on registering for classes, please refer to the Registrar's Office website at the following link. The Student Records Office can be reached at 805-565-6060 or by email at registrar@westmont.edu if students have any questions or concerns about the registration process.

Can I move onto campus before August 21st?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests to move into the residence halls prior to Warrior Welcome move in. Click here for a local hotel guide.

What are the move-in times?

Each new student will be assigned a specific move-in time on August 24th. These assignments will be communicated as soon as housing assignments are confirmed. Please plan to arrive on campus at your move-in time and not before as parking & traffic flow critically depend on the steady stream of vehicles designed by the move-in schedule.  

As you pack, please label all move-in boxes and items with your name and room # to expedite move-in.

Once you have moved in you will visit the Orientation Welcome Tent on Kerrwood Lawn to receive your orientation materials and receive information from various departments.

Please consider bringing a reusable water bottle with you for move-in day to reduce the use of single use plastic water bottles or cups. There are touch-free water bottle filling stations at the residence halls and large water jugs at the Welcome Tent.

If I come early for sports, when do I move all my things into my room?

You will transition from your temporary housing to your permanent room assignment about two weeks before Orientation. If you choose to bring all your things when you arrive to start practice, you will need to keep them in your temporary room. If you have any other questions, please contact your coach.

Can I bring a U-Haul?

We strongly suggest you not bring enough "stuff" for your room that fills a U-Haul trailer. Also, the Westmont campus has limited parking so we ask you to park in marked spaces only.

Where do I go first when I arrive for Fall Warrior Welcome?

All new students should enter campus through the Main Entrance, and you will be greeted upon arrival. Follow the signs to the residence hall in which you'll be living. You will park and unload all of your belongings in your dorm room. After your belongings are unloaded, please move your car down to the lower campus parking lots so we can have room for others to unload. 

Are there events for my parents at Orientation?

Yes. Parent and Family Orientation runs concurrently to Student Orientation on Wednesday and Thursday. You can see the full Parent and Family Orientation Schedule here. Parents and family members can learn more by visiting the Parents & Families page. 

Can my parents/family members register me for classes?

No, your parents/family members cannot register you for your classes. Class registration is one of many decisions we encourage students to make.

When do I find out who my roommate(s) is(are)?

Check the student portal (my.westmont.edu/s/) for your housing assignment. Assignments are typically made in June.

If you have further questions, please visit the Housing website or contact housing@westmont.edu. 

For Consortium students and Re-applicants, please call the Housing Office at (805) 565-6036.

What are the general dimensions of my room in Clark or Emerson or Page? What furniture is my room provided with?

For details and pictures of what a typical residence hall room looks like please click here!

What size mattresses are in the residence hall rooms?

All on-campus mattresses are extra-long twins (80" x 36").

What are the Dining Commons hours?

Visit the Dining Commons website.

Do I have to be on the campus meal plan?

Yes, all on-campus students must be on a meal plan with the exception of Global Leadership Center residents. First-year students must be on the standard meal plan for the first semester and then may switch to either the 15-meal plan or the 10-meal plan for the second semester if they wish by contacting the Housing Office. Please visit the Housing page for more information on meal plans.

Where do I send things before school starts?

If you need to mail something before Orientation, please send it addressed as follows:

Please address all mail for students as follows:

Student's Name 
955 La Paz Rd.
(Student's Dorm and Room #'s )
Santa Barbara, CA 93108

*Please do NOT include “Westmont College” as part of the mailing address.

If you need to send boxes, please wait to send them until two weeks prior to coming to campus, as we have limited storage space. The on-campus Mail Center will be open during Fall Orientation for you to pick up your boxes. Please refer to the Mail Center website for more information.

How will I do my laundry?

Every residence hall has washers and dryers for students to do their laundry. Students may download an app to pay for washer and dryer cycles. For pricing, instructions, and more information, visit the Auxiliary Services page on the myWestmont portal.

Where do I park when I arrive?

Follow the signs to the residence hall in which you'll be living. After your belongings are unloaded, please move your car down to the lower campus parking lots so we can have room for more people to unload their belongings.

Are first-year students allowed to have vehicles on campus?

Due to our Conditional Use Permit with Santa Barbara County, First Year students are not able to obtain a permit to operate their vehicles on campus (including motorcycles or scooters).

For more detailed information, see the Student Parking page.

How can I get around Santa Barbara without a vehicle?

Westmont offers a shuttle that stops throughout Santa Barbara on a regular schedule. Also, Westmont has The955 service extending from Santa Barbara airport to Montecito. 

What is an RA?

RA stands for Resident Assistant. RAs are current students that live in the same section and residence hall as you, and they are there to help you throughout the residential learning experience. Your RA will plan events, facilitate community, and help you with any questions you have.

What is an RD?

RD stands for Resident Director. RDs are professional staff members in the Division of Student Life, and they live in the residence halls and are responsible for student development in the residential setting. They also provide leadership for residence hall programming as well as acting as a resource for personal issues students may encounter during the year.

Check-In with Residence Life

When you move-in to campus, you will be expected to check-in with Residence Life staff at your residence hall. You will complete a room condition inventory, meet your RA and RD, and receive your room key. Please note: if you bring a bike to campus, you will be asked to register the bike with Residence Life upon moving onto campus.

How do I get a Westmont email account?

For admitted students, email accounts should already be created and password set. If you have not done so already, you can go here to find out your email address and create a password.

What network access is available from the residence halls?

Westmont provides a high-speed network connection that allows users in-room network and internet access 24-hours a day. Wireless internet can be accessed anywhere on the Westmont campus.

PC or Mac?

Westmont is compatible with both PC and Mac computers. This decision is a personal preference. BUT the library has several public computers (both Mac and PC), so you may not need a personal computer at all.

For more information go about setting up your user accounts, check out the Information Technology page.

How often is Chapel?

Chapel is held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:30 am to 11:20 am in Murchison Gym.

What happens if I can't make it to all chapels?

Each student is allowed 12 absences from Chapel per semester. To read more information on Chapel, go to the Campus Pastor's page.

How do I download the Chapel Attendance App?

Our Chapel Attendance System is based on scanning each student's ID card. To read more information on Chapel, go to the Campus Pastor's page.

What are other resources on campus?

There is the Martin Institute, which provides space and resources for spiritual retreats and God-centered conversation. The garden has Stations of the Cross and quiet places to pray.

How can I get to church?

Some churches have shuttles that pick up students. That list is available here. You can also get in contact with the Spiritual Formation Coordinator (SFC) in your residence hall to see a list of local churches that offer transportation.

Are there separate Orientation events for transfer students?

Yes, both at Orientation and throughout the year, programs are planned specifically for Transfer students. On the Westmont Community Guide App, select the track for transfer students.

If I have a specific question about credit transfer, who do I contact?

The staff in the Student Records office will help you with any transfer credit inquiry you may have. Their email is registrar@westmont.edu.

How do I determine my class standing?

I am considered a...

  • first year if I have 0-25 units
  • second year if I have 26-58 units
  • third year if I have 59-91 units
  • fourth year if I have above 92 units

A minimum of 124 semester units must be completed in order to receive a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. More information on page 25 of the Course Catalog

Are transfers allowed to have vehicles on campus?

Eligibility for parking permit privileges is primarily based on class standing. If you have junior or senior class standing, you are eligible for a parking permit. If you have sophomore class standing, you may request a sophomore permit. Be advised, though, that Sophomore permits are very limited; so if you get a Sophomore permit, you are very lucky! For more information on parking permit eligibility, please click here.

How can I order my books?

Check out Step #5: Order Textbooks on the Westmont Roadmap.

Where do I pick up my books?

There are no textbook pickups at the Campus Store. All textbooks are delivered to student mailboxes at the Campus Mail Center during business hours. Please refer to the Campus Mail Center's website for hours.

What to bring to Westmont

Packing List

  • Optional: Bicycle with Kryptonite or similar lock, Sports Equipment (Frisbee, tennis racket, racquetball rackets, spike ball set, etc.), Radio/Stereo System, Small Refrigerator (up to five cubic feet, and there is $30 fee for use), Florescent torchiere floor lamp, Coffee Pot or Electric Kettle, TV/DVD/Game System, Sleeping Bags or Hiking Gear, Beach Chair, Acoustic Guitar/Hand Drums/Keyboard, Small Portable Evaporative Cooler (Non-Window Venting)

What NOT to bring: Hot plate, Microwave (provided in Residence Hall Kitchens), Toaster/toaster oven, Halogen torchiere floor lamp, Regular extension cords, Candles/oil lamps, Incense, Drum Set, Chairs, Desks, or Beds (rooms are furnished, and there is often no space to store excess furnishings), Air conditioner, Duct tape to use for Decorations (will cause damage to walls)