To participate in the annual Housing Sign-Ups process, you must be enrolled for the Spring 2023 semester AND be planning to return for the upcoming academic year. This is fundamentally about housing for the immediate Fall semester, so students planning to study away-abroad for the Fall generally do not participate, though they are encouraged to work on their plans for return even now!

Note if you plan to study away-abroad next year:

If you plan to be away-abroad for either semester through the Global Education Office (aka Off Campus Programs Office), you should not be included in a request application for on campus during the Fall. We do not reserve any college housing for the semester in which you are abroad, so you should remove yourself from any request for housing in the Fall semester. We will tackle your Spring housing in the Fall-to-Spring process which normally takes place in late October/early November. The one exception to this is if you intend to live off campus when you return. If this is your situation, please submit your Off Campus Request now!

Point System

Each student in a group request contributes a point value (see below). It is up to each student to disclose their points to potential roommates, as this may affect the outcome of the request.

Points are based upon class standing (calculated by unit count), and are internally referenced by Housing to determine which types of applications and residence hall locations students qualify for. If a request is submitted by a student who does not qualify, the entire group will be ineligible for that type of housing. EXAMPLES: Only seniors can request off-campus by lottery, and only seniors and juniors can comprise a qualifying group to request GLC or Ocean View.

Group Points rather than Individual Standing

Priority is determined by the combined "standing" of the group, not by the individual with the highest class standing. Each student in the group contributes a point value derived by the combination of the total units earned (through last Fall) PLUS the number of units currently enrolled (for Spring). Then, the points of all group participants are averaged to determine the point total for that group's request. Listed below are the classifications Housing uses:

  • Advanced Seniors (108+ units): 7 points
  • 1st semester Seniors (92-107 units): 6 points
  • Almost Seniors* (86-91 units & 4th year): 5 points
  • 2nd semester Juniors (75-91 units): 4 points
  • 1st semester Juniors** (59-74 units): 3 points
  • Rising sophomores** (0-58 units): 2 points

*Almost Seniors are designated as being very close to senior standing by unit count and by attending term--Fall will start their 4th year at Westmont.

**Any student who began Westmont as a first-year student in Fall 2022 will be considered a rising sophomore, regardless of unit total. So, a "first-year" is essentially a student who is attending college full-time after high school, and this is determined by the college upon entrance. It's meaning is not entirely units-based.

Distribution of classes in the halls

  1. UPPER CAMPUS: The entire incoming first-year class, and some rising sophomores, will reside on upper campus in Clark, Emerson and Page. Returning sophomores in Page may choose to live as a double or as a triple. As added incentive, sophomores living in Page are given additional consideration for a parking permit--please be sure to note this on your permit application! Some of the Page triple furniture will remain in the room, even if a double is granted. Juniors and seniors are NOT able to request Clark, Emerson, or Page.
  2. LOWER CAMPUS: All seniors and juniors and about half of the rising sophomores will reside on lower campus.
  3. VK & ARMINGTON: Juniors and some seniors will reside in VK and Armington; a small number of sophomores may also be able to reside in VK, after senior and junior groupings have been considered. Most sophomores will be in Armington or in one of the upper campus halls.
  4. GLC: Students who will be seniors by the end of the Spring 2023 semester have priority to request housing in the GLC. Advanced seniors will have highest priority. Seniors who have also studied abroad at some point during their time at Westmont, are international students, or are Augustinian Scholars will be given some additional consideration for GLC requests. NOTE: GLC requests may include juniors, but few juniors are able to get into GLC due to demand by groups with higher points (i.e. comprised of seniors only).
  5. OCEAN VIEW: Seniors and juniors have priority to reside in the off campus Ocean View apartments. Groups are considered by points, so senior groups will receive higher consideration than groups with juniors.
  6. OFF CAMPUS: Students who will be seniors by the end of the Spring 2023 semester will have the option to apply to be one of the approximately 70 students to live off campus in non-Westmont housing.
  7. Table of approximate percentages of class distribution on campus:
  Clark Emerson Page Armington VK GLC
First Year 75% 75% 75%      
Sophomore 25% 25% 25% 65% 5%  
Junior       30% 80%  2%
Senior       5% 15% 98%