Housing Office Meal Plans





Requirements for residents 

Campus residents are required to have a meal plan. This is college policy and is not waived by request, with exceptions for:

  1. Residents in GLC (Global Leadership Center).
  2. Students with an exemption from the meal plan requirement due to medical disability, usually due to very extreme dietary restrictions. Such disability must be determined by the Accessibility Resource Office (ARO) with possible review by the Meal Plan Committee.

Exemptions are not made for financial or personal reasons, or dietary preferences (such as veganism). Students with dietary preferences or concerns may refer to the guidelines established for working with our food service provider, with provision to follow up with ARO if needed after review by the food service provider's dietician.

First-year students and transfers in their first semester in campus residence are required to be on the Standard meal plan. If a different plan is desired for the Spring (or subsequent) semester, a request must be submitted by email to the Housing Office (housing@westmont.edu) at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester. The Standard plan is assigned for all campus residents (except GLC residents, who are assigned "NO" meal plan), unless a different plan has been requested and approved.

No meal plan is assigned or required for off-campus commuters residing on their own or at the Ocean View Apartments. However, commuters may request a meal plan by emailing the Housing Office (housing@westmont.edu). Commuters may find it more affordable to purchase individual meals at the Dining Commons rather than be on a meal plan.

Costs & more information

The cost for meal plans is posted by the Student Accounts Office. See their Costs & Estimating Semester Minimum Initial Payment page.