Download Instructions

The following pages will guide you on completing these activities. A & B must be done before you depart for Ensenada:

  1. Acquiring
    The screenshots illustrate doing so on an iPhone. If you have an iPad the steps will be identical, and if you have an Android they may vary slightly.

  2. Adding the PC19 bookmarks
    All of the ministry sites, along with some valuable community resources (food, hospitals, tire repair, etc.) will be available to you.

  3. Navigating from current location
    While in Ensenada—without data turned on, but relying on your device’s built-in GPS—you will be able to choose any ministry site or community resource and have the system route you there, with voice prompts. Assign a navigator in your car for this; the driver must not be responsible for navigation. Note that the routing system is imperfect due to the absence of road names in Ensenada and other anomalies. You may need to turn to the paper and video version of your ministry site routes instead.

  4. Navigating from Point A to Point B without Internet access (for example, RAV)

  5. Text someone your current location without internet access (ie, you’re lost and need help)
    You may be charged for the text, depending on your cell phone carrier plan.

    1. Cell numbers for leaders and support team will be provided separately.

A. Acquiring MAPS.ME

1. Find the Maps.Me app in your App Store or equivalent location, and then download/install it.

2. Click Next and “Allow” it to use your location. It might automatically download the area of Los Angeles - North. If not, it doesn’t matter because you don’t need it

3. Select ≡

4. Select “Download Maps”



5. Search “Ensenada”

6. Select the one in Baja

7. Select “Download Map”



B. Adding PC bookmarks

1. Click the link titled "PC 2019 Ministry Sites" provided in the email from your smartphone (it has to be from your smartphone or it won’t work).


2. Click “Download”

3. Click “Open in"

4. Click the second link provided in your email to download the "Ensenada resource sites," which includes directions to popular taco stands, RAV, etc. Download these sites as well.  

C. Navigating from current location in

1. Go to your bookmarks

2. Select place you are going to (eg, Gran Comision)

3. Select “Route to” and then select “Start” 4. Example: how to get from RAV to Gran Comision:

D. Navigating from Point A to Point B without Internet access (for example, RAV)

1. Go to your bookmarks

2. Select the place you are coming from (ex., RAV)

3. Click Route from 4. Click bookmarks

5. Select the place you are going to 6. Click Route to
7. Your route is drawn and ready to go  

E. How to text someone your current location with only phone signal but no internet access (ie, you’re lost and need help):

1.   Select ≡

2.  Select “Share My Location


3.  Select “Messages”