On Campus Activities Westmont College Student Association (WCSA)

Westmont College Student Association (WCSA) is an elected body of student officials that exists to serve as the voice of the student body.

WCSA 2023-2024

WCSA represents the diverse views, beliefs, needs, and desires of our students. They seek to unify faculty, staff, administration, and students by promoting communication and initiating change in response to campus and student interests.

Information & Resources

WCSA communicates regularly with the student body about important institutional decisions and they listen carefully to student ideas, perceptions and desires. WCSA accepts funding proposals for campus wide initiatives and endeavors.

The vision of WCSA is to cultivate an environment where students make connections and form convictions. We hope to promote fruitful re-entry from off-campus programs and provide greater access to the Westmont network*, preparing students for life after college. Additionally, we aim to encourage the development of informed opinions on domestic and global affairs. We will take ownership of our individual convictions while maintaining our unity in the Spirit and our identity in Christ.

For more information on WCSA's governing structure and purposes view the Constitution.

Fall 2023: WCSA meets on Wednesday mornings 7:30 - 9:00AM in the upstairs KSC.

*This network includes Westmont alumni, faculty, staff, and current students.

Executive Council:
Nash Garvey President
Katherine Young Vice President
Noah Nims Business Manager
McKenna Phillips Communications Manager
Analee Josselyn Academic Liaison
Bailey Hall Equity and Diversity Manager
Allie Bunn Page Representative
Isaiah Conway Clark Representative
David Shiang VK Representative
Wade Teel Armington Representative
Sophie Southard Emerson Representative
Jenna Wheeler Ocean View/Off Campus Rep
Elijah Cicileo GLC Representative
Owen Vander Ark Athletic Senator

WCSA's Take a Professor to Lunch/Richie's Program

WCSA is proud to sponsor the "Take a Professor to Lunch Program." This long-standing tradition is supported by student fee dollars in order to encourage students to connect with faculty outside of the classroom. Students can also opt to take a professor to coffee at Ritchies.

How it Works

  • Arrange a meeting time with your professor 
  • Complete the online form
  • Your professor will receive a verification request
  • As soon as your professor completes the verification request you'll receive a confirmation e-mail 
  • Display voucher from the confirmation email to cashier and scan your student ID


  • Students may take any full time Westmont faculty or staff member to lunch or Ritchie's using this program
  • The program covers one faculty/staff lunch or Ritchie's drink
  • Students off the meal plan may have their lunches covered up to three times per semester while using this program
  • The Ritchies program can be only used up to 3 times per semester per student


Funding Proposals

Any Westmont student, faculty or staff member is eligible to submit a funding request to WCSA. WCSA strives to utilize its budget to meet the needs of our campus and our student body. Past proposals have included funding the purchase of fruit trees for the Westmont garden and partnering with the library to provide coffee and snacks during finals week. Funds have also supported student initiated events such as film festivals and movie screenings.

How it Works

  • Fill out the funding proposal form.

  • Each proposal is examined by WCSA. Then, WCSA will vote on whether to approval the proposal.

  • You will be notified by e-mail regarding the decision on your funding proposal generally within two weeks.


  • Be thorough in filling out the funding proposal form. Please provide as much detail as possible regarding the purpose of the request and funding desired. Failure to do so may result in a delay.

  • Funding proposals need to be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to request need or event. Funding proposals outside of this time frame may still be submitted but are they are unlikely to be approved.

  • All events must be approved and sponsored by a campus department or student organization prior to receiving funding.

  • You are highly encouraged to come to clarify the purpose of your funding proposal at the meeting following your request submission. This is to prevent any delays in funding your request.

  • If your funding proposal is approved, it is imperative that you present WCSA the receipts of your purchases. Failure to produce receipts could result in WCSA concluding to suspend an individual’s or organization’s ability to request funding.


  • What is considered time sensitive?
    As an entity with a frequently full agenda, WCSA prioritizes funding proposals and internal bills during meetings. To assure that WCSA can thoroughly assess the funding proposals, the elected body feels all funding proposals should be submitted two weeks prior to any scheduled event.

  • What is an average cost for events with food?
    WCSA acknowledges that each event is unique and different. However, WCSA is more likely to approve food related funding proposals if the event can reach more of the student body. Thus, if the cost of food limits the number of students who can participate, WCSA would have to deliberate on the value of funding this event with student fee dollars.

  • Can I request a funding proposal AFTER an event?
    Unfortunately, due to past problems, WCSA will no longer retroactively fund events. Furthermore, funding proposals must be presented to WCSA, prior to advertising for the event to ensure that we are able to provide funding.

  • Can I request more than I think I’ll need just in case?
    Yes! WCSA will reimburse you based on receipts.

  • How does presenting my proposal to WCSA work?
    If you submit a funding proposal, you will likely be invited to the subsequent WCSA meeting. At the meeting, you will be asked to provide any clarity to questions that the Senate and Executive branches may have. At the time of voting, you will kindly be asked to leave the room to protect the voting process.

  • What if my need is immediate?
    You should email the Student Government Business Manager and the President detailing why this particular proposal is urgent and why you were unable to submit it earlier.

  • Can I promise payment to guest speakers/can I pay for things for the event and ask for WCSA to reimburse me before my event?
    You are highly discouraged in beginning to plan any event that you wish WCSA funds for before you submit a funding proposal and are approved by Student Government.

Timeline for Funding Proposals

  • The funding proposal will be submitted to the link above at least 2 weeks before the event/need’s date.

  • WCSA will review it at the next meeting, at which your attendance is required.

  • WCSA will either approve or reject the funding proposal.

  • You will be notified on the decision soon after the meeting WCSA’s decision.

  • Your event will take place.

  • You will submit the receipts to the Student Government Business Manager and you will be reimbursed.


View WCSA Office Hours in the student portal

Staff Advisor:
Dr. Angela D'Amour
Dean of Student Engagement

Conversations That Matter (CTM) is an event sponsored by the Westmont College Student Association (WCSA) that is intended to highlight a specific issue that is significant to the student body, the nation, the Church, or all of the above. WCSA aims to create a space for students to hear multiple perspectives from informed speakers and a chance for productive dialogue and discussion to occur. Previous CTM events have included:

  • Three Part Lament Series on Racial Injustice
  • Westmont’s Racial Climate
  • The Impeachment Inquiry
  • Midterm Elections
  • The War in Ukraine
  • Afghanistan
  • Climate Change
  • What's Up with White Jesus?

WCSA Inquiry Form

We want to hear from you! Fill out the inquiry form if you have any concerns, questions, or comments about the campus! We look forward to hearing from you.

WCSA Inquiry Form