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Urban Initiative is seeking to equip and engage Westmont students to develop a Christ-centered heart in relation to human suffering, service, and ministry by participating in the restorative work God is already doing in our local community and urban areas while leaning into humility, empathy, and stewardship and raising awareness and mobilizing our community in thoughtful response.

Get involved with our local ministries and/or Fall + Spring Break Experiences!

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Urban Initiative Information

2024-2025 Core Leadership Team

Team Lead and Travel Assistant 
Milan Mastin

Programs, Business, and Travel Leader
Morgan Petersen

Publicity and Fundraising Leader
Lexie Welch

Education Leader and Local Teams Assistant
Cassie Clements

Local Teams Liaison and Education Assistant
Anika Erlenborn

Fall and Spring Break Ministry Experiences

Fall Breakaway 2022 in San Francisco October 8-10th


Saturday October 8 - Monday October 10

Learning from Christ-centered ministries in the city, to lament and celebrate with the body of Christ.

See Urban Initiative email for application link.


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Spring Break experiences are designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn about urban engagement and ministry in the contexts of other major cities, in order to equip students to contextualize what they learn to engage in the cities they live in. 

Trip Descriptions

Chicago: Spring Break in the City
Encounter the rhythms and realities of the third most populous city in the United States. By partnering with an organization called BridgeBuilders, participants will have the opportunity to listen to and learn from the members of the Woodlawn community of Chicago. You'll have the opportunity to learn about the Bible’s teachings on shalom, poverty, justice, race and culture, and hospitality, as well as being able to engage with the community through responsible and sustainable service projects alongside BridgeBuilders' community partners. 

Themes: Marginalized Communities, Racial Equality & Justice, Biblical Shalom, Community Development, Hospitality

Los Angeles: Spring Break in the City
Immerse yourself in the diversity of the city of Los Angeles. Learn about homelessness on Skid Row, opportunities for formerly gang-involved men and women at Homeboy Industries, the work of Christ through various ministries throughout the city, and the unique complexities that come with living out the Gospel in a multicultural urban setting.

Themes: Skid Row, Homelessness, Former gang member rehabilitation, Cultural neighborhoods, Biblical Shalom

San Francisco: Spring Break in the City
Engage and learn from the unhoused, youth, and LBTQ+ community of the Tendorloin neighborhood. You will have the opportunity to partner with YWAM San Francisco and City Hope through relationship-building, hearing stories, serving hot-meals meanwhile witnessing the Imago Dei in those you encounter. 

Themes: Homelessness, LBTQ+ community, Cultural neighborhoods, Biblical Shalom, Cultural neighborhoods.

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Local Outreach

Bread of Life is a weekly meal-sharing program at Alameda Park where Westmont students - in collaboration with Kingdom Causes and local faith communities spearhead a unique opportunity to meaningfully engage with our friends without homes in Santa Barbara.


We meet every Thursday from 6-8PM. Meet at 5:50pm at the KSC parking lot above the Dining Commons for transportation. So, join us this week! For more information contact: Grace Burgess (

East Side Kid's Club is a weekly faith-based after-school program where the children from the Eastside's lower income Latino community experience God's love through relationships, care, empowerment, and mentoring by volunteer leaders.


Kids Club happens Thursdays 5-7:30pm. Transportation is provided; meet in the DC parking lot. Hope you can join us! For more information, contact: Tara Shaw ( & Maddie Meloch (

Immigrant Hope provides resources for legal residents such as a Civic Course for English and Spanish-speaking adults that are applying for naturalization. Immigrant Hope prepares students for the civics test, which requires individuals to carry a conversation in English and have basic knowledge of the U.S government and its history. In order to see individuals succeed, tutoring and child care is provided for individuals and it is our hope to see them pass their civics exam. 


We meet Monday–Thursday from 6-8pm. For more information and transportation contact: Elena Klinger ( & Katie Mayhew (

Training CAMP (T-Camp) is dedicated to providing a bright future for our city's lower resourced youth. Our vision is to see every student in the Santa Barbara community graduate high school, fully equipped to excel in every area of life. We provide both after-school programs at local elementary schools and by hosting quarterly sports camps to the broader Santa Barbara community.


For more information contact: Lucy Behinger (

Trafficking Action Group (TAG) is a weekly group partnered with Kingdom Causes that seeks to educate the Westmont student body on the issue and presence of human trafficking in the city of Santa Barbara and equip students to advocate those caught in trafficking as well as survivors. 


For more information contact: Kaisa Lindman Marshall (



We look forward to meeting with you! Please email us if you would like to stop by during office hours.

The Urban Initiative office is located on the 2nd floor of the Kerr Student Center (KSC), above the Dining Commons (DC).


Urban Initiative Core Leadership Team  
Phone: 805-565-6800 (office)

Staff Director:
Kelley Funk
Assistant Director of Campus Life for Ministry & Outreach